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A Visit from the Stinson Family

On Sunday a relative of the namesake of Stinson Airport paid a visit. Jan Stinson the Great Grand Niece of Katherine Stinson was visiting San Antonio and came by the airport to see some of her family history. There is defiantly a noticeable resemblance between Jan and Katherine especially in the smile, see picture 1. 



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A Sweet Valentine Proposal














Larry had made secret arrangements for his special Valentine's weekend proposal a while back.  His girlfriend Sarah thought that maybe this would be the weekend but as the days passed on…


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Justin Little gets his CFI Certificate!















Another successful checkride!

Commercial pilot Justin Little went to Houston on Thursday to have his CFI check ride with DPE Ray Murphy.  As always... Justin passed with flying…


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Valentine's Special for our Followers and Fans

For all of you who have not made plans for Valentine's weekend, here is a special offer from Alamo Helicopters.  Receive 15% off our regular price on a romantic Day Trip or City Lights Tour and get a Aviator Teddy Bear for your special someone for…


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Feb 4 From Ice to Moon Beams

Friday morning San Antonio came to a standstill with the ice/snow storm. 






















 Our flight instructor (Wade Amen) had…


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Congrats to the Alamo Students who earned a pilot Certificate or Rating in 2010

Justin Little- Instrument Rating, Commercial Pilot ( Top Left with his DPE Todd)

Brian Dewees- Private Pilot, Instrument Rating, Commercial Pilot(Top Middle with Wade)

Nasha'at  Muhedeen Darawsheh "Nash"- Commercial Pilot ( Top Right with Debbie)

Jenell Tasby-…


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