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Flying Rice in 2011

I love this picture!  It looks almost fake!  I was flying in the rice fields in Edna, TX.  It was a blast!

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Summer is fast approaching!  If you are thinking about taking a tour with Alamo Helicopter Tours out of Stinson Field this summer, you might want to think about booking in the near future because summer is one of the busiest times of year.  You don't want to miss out on a ride of a lifetime!!!  Call us today at 210-287-5797!!

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Happy Easter!




















Another successful egg drop for Hope Community Church.

Lisa and Jarred Younce members of the church had the prilvilage of…


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First Landing in Austin
















Jason Nassour and CFII Debbie Galvan

On approach into our new location in Austin.…


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Stinson at Right Before Sunset!!

I could not pass up the opportunity for this picture as I was walking into the airport the other night for a night flight at Alamo Helicopter Tours.  Truely awesome!…


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Breaking ground!












After 6 months of waiting we finally received our permit to build in Austin and ground was broken on Monday March 26.  The new facility will be both a hangar and office for our new location Alamo Helicopters of…


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Eagle Ford Shale has Business Up at Alamo Helicopter Tours

Stinson Municipal Airport, a 96-year-old airport in South San Antonio, might be in the right place at the right time.

Stinson officials said business is growing again in large part because of improving economic activity in the South Side and spinoff activity from energy production in the nearby Eagle Ford…


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Green, Yellow, Blue


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Cumulus Mammatus

I saw this cloud formation yesterday around 7:45 PM.  Cumulus Mammatus are a pretty amazing sight.  They easily identifiable by the drooping pouch type formation of the cloud base.  The individual pouches typically only last for about 15 minutes, but the whole Mammatus can last for 2 plus hours.  They themselves do not cause severe weather, but are normally a result of severe weather.  You normally find them at the base…


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Better Weather

 This just in!  Next week we are due to get lots of sunshine.  If anyone out there is looking for something fun to do, you should definitely come to Alamo Helicopter Tours and take a tour of San Antonio!  It will be an experience of a life time!!

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Spring Break and Sunshine too!













Pilot Debbie Galvan takes Skylar Bell and her mother Ashlee on a tour of Downtown today. Spring break is starting off with a boom; I think the sunshine and warm temps today is causing spring fever to…


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A fresh perspective















Student Pilot Matt St. Louis sent in these photos from his training flight  session over San Antonio yesterday afternoon.  He is very excited about photography, his other passion and…


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A great Birthday Celebration














Eli Ethridge celebrated his Birthday here at Alamo today and brought along his is best buddies; Robert, Matthew, Logan, and Joseph to joined him.


Mom picked a helicopter ride…


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New R22 Helicopter Arrives














For flight training we use this smaller helicopter called the Robinson R22 (for 2 seats).  Yesterday our CFII instructor Justin Little and Private pilot Peter took our last trainer back to…


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Valero Texas Open 90th Celebration Launch Event













At 10:00 am yesterday a fundraising golf ball drop at Brackenridge Park Golf Course started this…


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Now this is special!

Dear Mr. Klaus,

Thank you so much for sending this letter. It really touched Debbie and I to know what a special day we made for you.

Would it be okay if we used your story (with or without names) on our web site?


Dear Stacy,

You may use the story and even our names. This is God's blessing to us that we are honored to share with others. Once again thank you and your staff for extending that…


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Texas A &M Wildlife Survey

















What a pleasure it was to meet and learn about the wildlife research that is going on at Camp Bullis from Jared Beaver. He is a Graduate Research Assistant,…


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Alamo flies aerial photographer for ABC's Extreme Home Makeover Show













Alamo Helicopters received a call on Friday afternoon from a producer of the ABC Extreme Home Makeover TV show to see if we could bring a helicopter to Floresville for some aerial photography of the…


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Travis takes his first solo flight














When asked "What were you thinking when you took off for your first time solo"?

Travis replies, "I wasn't thinking, I was just…


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Congrats to 2 more students on their check rides
















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