On Sunday a relative of the namesake of Stinson Airport paid a visit. Jan Stinson the Great Grand Niece of Katherine Stinson was visiting San Antonio and came by the airport to see some of her family history. There is defiantly a noticeable resemblance between Jan and Katherine especially in the smile, see picture 1. 



Some of the interesting and inspiring accomplishments that Katherine Stinson did during her aviation career include, being the 4th woman to earn a pilot certificate in the US. She was the first woman to fly in the Orient and first woman to do a loop-D-loop in an Airplane. She was also the first person known to make desirable letters in the sky using pyrotechnics and smoke. She was the first woman to be certified to carry mail by airplane and also trained many of our early military aviators during World War 1. Katherine Stinson is an inspiration to women and pilots alike. In 1913, Katherine with the help of her mother and sister established the second oldest continuously operating airport in the US. They built the Stinson School of Flying which helped when the FAA decided to label the airport KSSF. You can really see why the airport bears her name and why her Great Grand Niece would be so proud to visit her legacy.


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