Alamo Helicopter Tour: Reality vs FSX

One of my hobbies is flying FSX, mostly conventional GA aircraft, but I've also tried to learn to fly the helicopters. I even purchased an add on R44 a few years ago. I was not very good at it, but I kept working on it. Then came our trip from Virginia to San Antonio, and after discovering Alamo Helicopter Tours used the R44, I signed up! The tour was awesome to say the least. After returning home I decided to fly it myself in FSX and these photos are the results.

Our Alamo Raven I

The FSX version is a Raven II. Except for the paint and control pedistal it's the same.

Downtown San Antonio

A few less buildings in FSX, of course I don't have a world class computer so I can't run my scenery at full settings.

The Alamo from above.

It's there in FSX too.

Up close to the Tower of the Americas.

I did the same...I wasn't nearly as good at it as our Alamo Pilot.

Our approach back into Stinson.

No other planes to get in the way of my landing (a good thing).

Since my Alamo flight I've been working hard on flying the R44, and have finally mastered it to a point that I can land it where I want it, instead of somewhere on the airport. I'm not sure I ever would have mastered it in FSX without the Alamo ride and closely observing how the real thing is flown.

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Comment by William D. Cox on June 13, 2010 at 8:28am
Sigh...that's true of many places, but at least the flying part is fairly accurate. Also, I can't turn up the scenery sliders very high on FSX on my computer. If I do then the helicopter won't fly smoothly and the computer will freeze. It's old and outdated, so on a really good system, things would look a bit better I'm sure.
Comment by Ryan Short on June 12, 2010 at 10:38pm
Looks like there's a need for some add-on scenery for San Antonio!

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