Hi Everyone!  I am Debbie a pilot with Alamo Helicopters and if you have ever been to our website and read the bios you would know that my husband Al is a pilot also…those fixed wing things J.  Well Al has started an adventure that I thought I would share…if you thought flying… you would be wrong.

Have you ever thought about getting on your bike and riding from Texas to Florida?  I know what you are thinking motorcycle, right?  Nope… I mean bicycle.  Well my husband Al is doing just that.

Al started his adventure on Sunday April 10th, from NW San Antonio destination Daytona Beach Florida…at an average of 60 miles a day he should make it in 3 weeks.

Day 1:  Al departed early morning stopped in Seguin for lunch than on to Gonzalez for the night… this was 86 miles through hills and high winds.  Did I mention that he is pulling a trailer full of stuff, tent, sleeping bag, extra parts, ice chest, etc… heavy!  The forecast for Sunday and Monday was windy out of the southeast and chance of thunderstorms overnight.  He made his destination and called Gonzalez Airport and they were happy to let him camp out and gave him the combo for the FBO, aviation folks are always so kind and helpful. J

Day 2:  Al did not get such a good night sleep because of the high winds but thankfully there were no storms.  He departed Gonzalez destination Edna, TX..75 miles, winds out of the north, yeah!  Al stopped in Yoakum for lunch and made it to Edna by 3 pm.  He was totally exhausted because of lack of sleep.  He had his favorite meal…BBQ and the waitress actually got on the phone and found him an inexpensive motel for the night.

Day 3: Edna to San Luis pass bridge approx. 100 miles.  He is battling east winds and flat terrain; he says he likes the hills much better.  This leg is still in progress, I will update tomorrow.

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