If you drive I-37/281 everyday like I do, you can either complain about the traffic or if you are like me... look for the most interesting cloud formations. I am originally from South Florida (The Sunshine State) and thought we had amazing skies. Then we moved to San Antonio and I had to shut my mouth! Texas wins big time.

We teach weather as part of our flight training curriculum and I always tell the students that if they need help with cloud recognition that I can help. I think I now have a picture of every type of cloud formation. I hope you will enjoy some of my photos. I will load the rest under the photos on the home page.

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Comment by John D. Navarrete on October 22, 2010 at 10:31am
I too used to live in south Florida. The thing I liked the most was the electrical storms. The lightning would light up the sky for hours. Don't see much sideways lighting in these parts.

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