Great Confined area Landing and Max P Takeoff

As part of our training in helicopters we practice landing and taking off from a confined area. Recently I took video of one of my students Kaleb Smith performing a confined area landing and max performance takeoff. Here is a link to the Confined approach and the max p take off .

This spot is at my grandparents farm on the Media river. Along the river, my grandparents have a pecan orchard full of very tall and old pecan trees. The trees provide an obstacle for the students that requires a more vertical landing and takeoff than they are used to. The key to the approach is keeping it slow and not rush getting into the spot. The PIC should be worried about the size of the spot and the power required to get out, amongst other things. Kaleb does a good job of approaching the spot slowly and under control.

Before entering the spot we planned on how to depart the spot. We had a couple of options but the best into the wind option was to perform a Max P takeoff over the 75 foot trees. Since the R-22 is power limited it was not a guarantee that we would be able to clear the trees. As we climbed vertically we started to slow down to a vertical speed of less than 50 feet per min. As we approach stopping our vertical movement we were able to gain Effective Translational Lift from the wind that cut through the trees, this gave us enough lift to clear the trees and depart the area.

All in all a successful training maneuver at a great spot.

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