What a pleasure it was to meet and learn about the wildlife research that is going on at Camp Bullis from Jared Beaver. He is a Graduate Research Assistant, Ph.D. student for the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences | Texas A&M Institute of Renewable Natural Resources.

This morning, Pilot Debbie Galvan flew Jared up to the North side of Camp Bullis in search of a lost radio collar from a deer in his research group. The antenna he is holding is a tracking devise that gives him signals as he approaches his collared deer herd. The lost collar was scheduled to fall off at the end of Dec. but there has been no sight or sounds from the deer or the collar ever since. They flew a grid pattern over the areas mostly traveled by this deer, but were not able to find the collar today.

These collars are equipped with a GPS unit and VHF frequency for monitoring. The GPS will not only show deer positions and movements giving long and lat but also shows the speed of the deer when on the move or eating.

This research helps deer managers with land and brush management and population dynamics. The results show the impact of how roads and humans change or not change the natural patterns of the deer.

After Jared receives his PHD he is hoping to work in an extension positions, lecturing and helping other Wildlife Managers.

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