Trip Back to San Antonio from California with New Chopper

From our pilot Scott Elliott

I am flying out of Hayward, Ca., today. We had low clouds and mountian obscuration, something us Texas boys don't often see. We had a good prelight of 10T then a test flight around the airport. Lots of helicopters to see in CA some we only see in magazines.
We crossed over to the east from Hayward then south-southeast more or less along I-5.
Flew through Tejon Pass then east to General Fox Airport for the first fuel stop. straight line winds at 28 knots, it reminded me of west TX with the sand and all. Flew through Palmdale then down to bannon pass. Passes are important today not only to avoid the high and hot altitude that robs power but also mountian obscuration, as we say, East of hayward.
though Bannon Pass past Bannon and landed in Palm Springs. Windy Palm Spings, it's great to see, looks just like the pictures but it makes one miss friendly Texas folks.

Gary is enjoying the R44. He is having fun trying to get it to slow down to land, especially with a tail wind and cooking 130+ knots gound speed, Gary is a commercial pilot gaining cross country experience and instrument training for an additional rating.

Tomorrow some ifr training and more desert. We should go through Blythe, Tucson, El Paso and maybe all the way to SA.

Randy and Staci can give you some more info on the heli and the benifits to upgrading to this helicopter.
will try to be more up to date tomorrow.

Gary has already crashed out and will be ready to get after it tomorrow.

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