Who ever knew there was a Pagent for Ms. Snake Charmer














EMS Pilot Scott Elliott and his flight crew had the pleasure of meeting with Miss Snake Charmer 2011 during the Rattle Snake Round up in Sweetwater, TX.  Lanie (Ms. Snake Charmer) is the Granddaughter of our program director in Big Spring. Crew is (L to R) Cody Poston EMT-P and Shawn Hart RN.

Skinning was a part of the title as well as a snake eating contest that Scott missed.


Over 30,000 people attend this years Rattle Snake Roundup in Sweetwater, TX.

Hunters caught about 1,700 pounds worth of rattlesnakes this year.  The usual take is closer to 4,000 pounds, but organizers say the long, cold winter affected the number of rattlers.

The original purpose of the roundup was to minimize the area’s rattlesnake population, but the event has become a tourist attraction.

Deep-fried Western Diamondback Rattlesnake was on the roundup menu. Some of the reptile meat will be shipped to grocery stores.


Wow, I am not a big fan of any kind of snakes especially rattle snakes.  It was almost too much for me to even write this blog.  But for Scott and all you snake lovers...I hope you enjoy it, and maybe plan to attend next years event.



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